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by Throwed Off

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released March 14, 2017

recorded and mixed by Madison Woodward at Paradise Records



all rights reserved


Throwed Off Los Angeles, California

vocals / Cody
guitars / Brian & Caleb
bass / Lorence
drums / Andrew

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Track Name: shook
Four walls around me
Those I can never break
False words of wisdom
Won't conceal my fate
My arms are open
With nothing left to hold
Searching for something
Beyond my control
The tide it breaks to the
Face of time again
In search of life you'll
Find your worth
I think I'll find my wealth
In lessons learned
The choices I've made
Are none of your concern
It's not a question of
Where you're from but to face the opposition of what may come
You can make excuses for the way you are
But these mental binds won't
Let you get far
There's so much more
For me to say
There's so much more
At the end of the day
So much more but you put
Yourself in the fucking wa
Track Name: chronophobic
I'd rather live for something more
Than let myself just waste away
We're falling forward towards the same end
Living at a pace that's just day to day

Cause when the sun goes down it's more wasted time
Another day of never knowing what I'm looking to find
Searching for an out but it's never enough
Reaching for the surface but I'm losing touch
Maybe I'll never know just what it means
To live a life that you see as clean
But the standards that I've set were only meant for me

Nothing changes at the end of the day
You find yourself locked inside of your old ways
It's never enough just to do what you can
Why am I the only one with an empty hand

Another day spent just wasting away
And I've yet to understand what you were meaning to say but it never goes down the way you figured it'd play
So I'm stuck here searching for an open hand but I'm still moving back with no room to stand
Reaching for the surface but it's too far gone
Caught in this daily struggle to hold on

A broken man with nothing to lose
These circumstances remind me of you
This was never what I wanted to be
I hope it's not how you remember me
All I wanted was a place to call home
But I found hell instead and empty roads to roam

When it's over I don't wanna see
The way that this will reflect on me
A cry for comfort, a shadow of doubt
I guess I'll never really figure it out

(So much to say but less to do)
(Burning inside but ruined you)
Track Name: filling a void
So sick of trying
To force my mind
When I feel like all your hope is dying
I'm struggling with every
Lie you breathe
Confined in greed
To build the foundation you need

never gets easier
Despite what they say
Lost over time
And I was led astray
your ends justify
The means
Lost control
caught between
What you know
And what you feel
I've searched too long
For something real
Give me hope
Something true
I've searched too long for the truth
Track Name: contrived
I could have done nothing under the sun
To change the way things are
Luck may have brought me here
Still I didn't get far
Sometimes I feel like I've lost faith in myself
Always pushing aside from everyone else

Choking on every fucking word I say
Dragging it down the line
Just to throw it away
Is it a test of time
Or am I testing my will
I'm at a loss of all hope
That I've tried to instill

I'm just looking to find
Another way to survive
But I can't focus
With all this weight on my mind
If I can't force a change
I'll have myself to blame
For everything that I could never say

It's just a struggle to find
A way out of this life
One that makes you a slave
To your mind
But there's an open road
One I must walk alone
This price I'll have to pay it
On my own

Always breaking at the sound of my voice
But from the way it seems
I've never had a choice
Because the way I was left
brought me
To where I was found
And when the pressure is on
I'll keep my face from the ground

How can I help you
When I'm waging a war within myself

I have to find a way
To do what's best for me
And face the world
From which I stand underneath
If I can't force a change
I'll have myself to blame
For every reason that I could never stay

This is the breaking point that will define your life